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"First of all, thank you SO MUCH for Friday! Your professionalism, flexibility, experience, patience, and energy were fantastic. Everyone had a wonderful time and I received a lot of compliments and rave reviews for your contribution. Even this morning, people were commenting on their experience and how great you were at both making it fun and making last minute adaptations. I personally really appreciated your work. Inviting you was one of the best decisions we could have made for this project!" - Rachel, Bain & Company
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Lopa teaches all levels from absolute beginners to professionals and teaches at conferences and retreats internationally. She was part of the founding teaching faculty of Centennial College’s Dance Performance Program writing curriculums for and teaching Culture and World Trends.

Lopa uses her dance classes as a space to promote unity and joy. With 25 years of teaching experience, Lopa’s unique approach to breaking down movement allows an accessible way for her students to learn dance. Her classes are so popular CTV featured her in their prime time commercials as an ambassador for the city of Toronto in “My Toronto Is”.

Join Lopa in a joyful celebration of movement. She believes everyone can dance and her classes welcome all levels of dance ability, mobility, and physical fitness levels. She will have you moving, smiling, and working out while gaining the tools to confidently conquer the dance floor.

Have fun, exercise, and build confidence. Get moving and laughing as you dance your way to fitness Bollywood style!

What Lopa’s students have to say:

"The joy you manifest in your class helps me feel connected to something supportive, balancing and essential - for me, the class atmosphere goes well beyond instruction on physical movements. I experience a positive space/occasion for striving within my ability which insulates me against setbacks of performance failure. I feel I can bring desire and interest - and check aptitude/talent anxiety at the door." – Megan

“I tried your class on Sunday, Lopa and it was FANTASTIC! Just one class and I'm addicted! I can't wait til next week." - Elaana

"I absolutely loved the class! Too bad it is only once a week! I wish it was everyday." – Christine

"I love, love, love Lopa's classes. They are fun, she's upbeat and forgiving, the music is always great, there's no pressure to be perfect and there's no need for partners. It is really good aerobic exercise but it doesn't feel like it!" – Barbara

"A truly inspiring instructor and a class that will make feel like you could dance forever!" - Jennifer

"I wish I had a class every day. I love it that much." –Shannon

"A ridiculous amount of fun! And I was surprised at how good a work out it was. Holy Bhangra! I had no idea my calves could hurt that much." - Lori

"Lopa, I have taken two of your classes and they were a blast! You make a newbie feel comfortable and you make it FUN...thanks!" - Sonia

"I'm so enjoying the class Lopa. It feels great to move around and laugh and be joyful." – Danyelle

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm having such a great time in your class... you are a fantastic teacher and an incredible dancer." - Syma


"Of all the exercise and dance classes I've taken yours has been the most fun and I've felt the most relaxed afterwards. Thank you!" - Andrea

"Thank you so much for the wonderful instructor - she was amazing. There is nothing I would change about her lesson. It was a great workout and we had so much fun sweating and dancing. I would definitely recommend your studio to anybody interested in doing something fun and different. Thank you again I think my sister thoroughly enjoyed her surprise." - Tiffani

"I attended your Sunday class, absolutely love it." - Denise

"Looking forward to seeing you and dancing again soon - your classes are one of my favourite things!!!!!It's one of my extreme joys." - Barbara

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